Middle School Robotics


Our team continues to teach robotics at the Middle School. The program has been a big success at attracting new members to our team and spreading awareness of robotics and FIRST to the entire Conrad Weiser School. See the article below for more details

PA Rookie Team Qualifier

January 11, 2014

Team 4433 volunteered in many areas. We assisted teams with robot construction and Robot C programming. We handed out flash drives with example RobotC source code to give a jump start to the rookie teams.

Duel on the Delaware Rookie Workshop/Scrimmage

October 19, 2013

Team 4433 was invited to attend as a veteran team and assist rookie teams just getting started. We assisted teams with robot construction and Robot C programming. We also got to test out our new robot in the Block Party game.

Girl Power Event, St. Joseph Academy

October 12, 2013

Girl Power was an event for girls to showcase the FRC, FTC, and FLL levels in FIRST. Our team demonstrated the FTC part of First by discussing opportunities with participants and showing them how to drive sample robots.

Block Party Season Kickoff

September 7, 2013

Team 4433 attended the FTC Season Kickoff event at Millersville University and Ingrid gave a presentation to all PA teams on the Engineering Notebook.

Girl Scout Gold Award

December 17, 2012

Team member Ingrid earned her Girl Scout Gold Award by starting and maintaining the Middle School robotics club. The latest issue of the Girl Scout magazine has a 3-page article on Ingrid and is good PR for FIRST. Click here to see the magazine (the article starts on page 44)

Team 6531 Web Meeting

November 8, 2012

We helped to start a new team in Tampa Florida by providing funding to get started. We then participated in a web meeting with the new team, a Boy Scout Troupe. We discussed how to get started, the Ring-It-Up Game for 2012/2013, and how competitions are run by FIRST.

Rookie Workshop, Central High in Phila.

October 27, 2012

Our team participated in workshop for rookie teams in Philadelphia. Jim taught a seminar on RobotC; Marge taught a workshop on Awards and Judging; and Ingrid taught a session on the Engineering Notebook (her favorite topic!). The rest of the team assisted rookie teams in robot building exercises

Field Trip to Capenter Technology

October 19, 2012

One of our sponsors is Carpenter Technology. We toured their plant, focusing on the materials handling areas for the finished product. The team then had a brainstorming session with two engineers from CarTech to discuss this year's game and get some ideas on how to build a competitive robot.

Girl Power Event, St. Joseph Academy

October 6

Girl Power was an event for girls to showcase the FRC, FTC, and FLL levels in FIRST. Our team demonstrated the FTC part of First by discussing opportunities with participants and showing them how to drive sample robots.

Visit from Wyomissing High School

October 2, 2012

We have been encouraging local schools to visit our team and learn about FIRST. The computer science teacher from Wyomissing, Mr. Minich, came to one of our meetings to discuss FIRST and what would be required to start a team at Wyomissing.

Conrad Weiser Middle School Robotics Club

As part of her Girl Scout Gold Award, Ingrid started the Middle School Robotics club. There are 25 students in 7th and 8th grade involved in the club. They are using the same TETRIX and LEGO materials that are used in the FIRST FTC Competition. The students learn how to build a chassis and attach motors and wheels. The students are now learning how to program in RobotC and how servos work.

The middle school club was created to get young students interested in robotics and give them the experience they need if they choose to join the High School robotics team. Other members from the high school team have helped out in teaching the students. We sometimes invite the students to our competitions because we think that if they see how fun competitions are, they will be even more interested in robotics and want to join the high school team. 

Visit to Carpenter Technology

The team visited Carpenter Technology on January 20.  Mr Albert set up a great tour of the factory and we also talked with their engineers about industrial design.  The engineers agreed to be mentors for our team next year.  The team also described FIRST and our robot.  It was a great afternoon.

World Wide Outreach!

Jim and Ingrid made a presentation to 200 engineers and scientists around the world on Feb 20.  The presentation was part of Jim’s monthly webinar series presented to environmental scientists.  Ingrid described our team and FIRST in general.  The goals of this presentation were to (1) try to get more mentors for the team, (2) spread the word about FIRST, and (3) identify other areas where we can start new teams.  Through the use of the web meeting format we can have mentors anywhere in the world.  It’s an exciting opportunity for our team to learn from engineers in other countries.  So far we have identified mentors in Australia and California willing to help us. Ingrid’s presentation was very well received.  One engineer has already contacted us to help start a team in San Antonio, Texas!

Visit from the LAN Lords

The LAN Lords, a local rookie team in FTC, came to our school to use our playing field for testing autonomous programs. Our teams met at the Ramp Riot at Wissahickon and we invited them to come and use our field any time. We understood how they felt because last year, our rookie year, we didn't have a playing field and it was very difficult to program the robot without it. 

New Team in Tampa, FL

Our team sent money to a Boy Scout troop in Tampa, Florida to help fund their new FTC Team. We occasionally do online Skype sessions with the team to help them with their design process and their engineering notebook. We are glad that we can support this new team because we know how difficult it is to start an FTC Team.

Our team believes strongly in Gracious Professionalism because last year, Team 247 gave us a page from their engineering notebook to help us with our design. All of the teams were extremely nice and great to work with and that really inspired us to be a better team and help others as much as we can.